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Full Biography

Ralf W. Garcia (born 1973 in Germany) is a live, tour, studio and session bass player with a wide range of additional skills who started his career in the late 1980s. First and foremost he is a working musician and tutor (music theory and bass) with a very passionate approach in all respects.

He studied with various teachers like Iris Ornig and Urs Nüssli in Germany and Switzerland before enrolling at the award winning online school of Berklee College Of Music in Boston (USA). There he had the opportunity to study with various music professionals like Anthony Vitti, Daniel „Mo“ Morris, Richard Appleman, Neil Diercks and Dave Clark. Additionally he earned several certificates of advanced studies in coaching and counselling at the Zurich University Of Applied Sciences (Institute of Applied Psychology).

Over 25 released albums in more than thirty years of studio recordings and hundreds of live performances with a variety of different bands in different music styles bear testimony to his technical and versatile playing. Additionally following several European tours he connected with various agents in the music industry and was thereupon recruited as guitar/bass tech for international touring bands and stage manager for in-/ and outdoor festivals.

As a result of his longterm experience as a musician he developed an architectural approach to creating riffs, grooves and arrangements without stylistic borders. Tone, timbre, feel, and diverse playing techniques are his tools to design a resonant, memorable and beneficial experience.